Boise Wins ACEC for Diggie Creek Enhancement Project

Congratulations to Mike Homza, Director of Water Resources and Habitat Enhancement, and to the Boise Operation for recently being awarded an ACEC award for their recent work on the Diggie Creek Enhancement Project. The Diggie Creek Enhancement Project is a small project with a big impact. Diggie Creek is one of several spring-fed streams on the Fort Hall Bottoms; an environmentally and culturally significant ecosystem on the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes' Reservation in eastern Idaho. Prior to restoration, the stream had become unnaturally shallow, over-widened, sediment-laden, and flanked by steep, eroding, denuded banks; a condition representative of 85% of the tribal streams. [...]

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WHPacific Provides Industrial Engineering Services on North Slope of Alaska

WHPacific has been providing continuous industrial engineering services to one of our partners for an oil and gas support facility on the north slope of Alaska. Working in Alaska provides its own unique challenges, but because of our experience in the region and our ability to be nimble and respond quickly to the owner requests, we have been able to supply approximately 4600 man-hours to date for this support facility. This project is one of many where we have teamed up with our affiliated company, GIS Engineering, based out of Louisiana to provide value added solutions for a long-time client. [...]

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WHPacific Provides Services to Washington County, OR

Washington County continues to construct major roadway improvement projects in response to the continued growth in the County.  Staffing of inspection of these projects is difficult due to the surge of activity during periods of the construction season.  WHPacific has helped address that need by providing our staff to assist with inspection, as well as one key subconsultant who specializes in roadway inspection staffing.  This contract will cover the overload of expected inspection needs for 2019, as well as provide quality control review for project designs.   WHPacific is a full service, woman-owned multi-discipline Engineering & Architecture firm with offices [...]

WHPacific Participated in the Gift Of Giving Over the Christmas Holidays

For the last few years WHPacific has participated in the Navajo Gift of Giving, and this year was no different. This event is comprised of WHPacific “adopting” a 6-8 people during the Holiday season, who are particularly in need for one reason or another. For us to be able to provide items to these people whose stories are heartfelt and sometimes down on their luck, is quite fulfilling. We donate things such as non-perishable foods, toiletries, household cleaning items, blankets, etc. We are honored to be a part of this fantastic Christmas tradition and are already looking forward to it [...]

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WHPacific Continues to Provide Water Resources Support for Local Communities

WHPacific starts a hydrology study for an El Paso School, this time for Wright and Dalbin Architects. Our water resources group in Albuquerque, NM specializes in H&H programs, HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, SWMM and 2D modeling as well. We consistently perform work for the local state and municipal clients around the Albuquerque area and often extending that reach to the entire west coast. If you have any questions or simply just want to talk water, contact our Director of Water Resources Karen Jacobsen:   WHPacific is a full service, woman-owned multi-discipline Engineering & Architecture firm with offices throughout the United States. [...]

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WHPacific Saves Thanksgiving

As many of you know, the Santa Rosa area in northern California suffered devastating fires recently.  Not to minimize this tragedy, a very interesting and mildly amusing event occurred during the rebuild effort. WHPacific was performing survey work in the area for a large northern California power and utility company, assisting in the infrastructure rebuilding.  David and Steve, some of our talented and friendly surveyors were doing what they do. Surprisingly, a homeowner noticed them working so diligently and approached the crew to thank them for their efforts.  A conversation developed and our crew was made aware that the property [...]

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