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Project Description

The Arizona Museum for Youth – one of the nation’s Top 10 children’s museums with more than 60,000 visitors annually – has increased its storage, exhibit and classroom space. The project represents the first private/public construction project for the City of Mesa. The project encompasses master planning of the 99,300 s.f. site, interior renovation of the existing 16,925 s.f. museum building, and creation of a 3,465 s.f. warehouse, new 2,630 s.f. classroom and 2,000 s.f. covered walkway. This walkway surrounds an atrium OASIS (Open Air Site for Interactive Services). The OASIS, including sculpture pads and shade trees, serves as an extended workshop space, an outdoor display area, and a setting for social events.

  • Interior renovation of museum
  • New warehouse
  • New walkways
  • 2-acre site
  • Public/Private partnership
  • OASIS (Open Air Site for Interactive Services) Courtyard
  • Outdoor displays with sculpture pads

Project Details