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Project Description

The new Dulce Health Care Facility replaced an old crowded clinic and provides modern health care for the members of the Jicarilla Apache Tribe in northern New Mexico. The new design blends with the natural terrain and the cultural architecture of the area.

The rotunda is capped with a sloping roof, punctuated by a central skylight allowing sun into the building in a soft glow. Embossed in the floor pattern of the rotunda is a depiction of a Jicarilla basket design and the cardinal directions of the Jicarilla culture. Curving monumental stairs provide access to the second floor of the rotunda. The stair and balcony handrail is accentuated by etched glass panels of silhouetted Jicarilla men and women, symbolizing the people of the Jicarilla Nation and designs indicative of this tribe. Around the second floor balcony circulating the rotunda are 12 stainless steel cables that suggest teepee poles common to the Jicarilla Nation.

2005 Southwest Contractor Best Buildings

2005 Cooper Lighting Source Award