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Project Description

WHPacific provided sampling, analysis, and planning services to the Fort Greely Solid Waste Management program during a two-year study. Project objectives included an inventory of waste generating activities, waste composition, waste quantities, and diversion strategies to meet Department of Defense performance metrics.

The sampling project component included a comprehensive survey of activities generating waste, including process analysis, container census, and personnel interviews. The quantitative and qualitative compositional activity included quarterly hands-on segregation and measurement of dumpster wastes from selected facilities during a 2-year period. The analysis portion of the project included recyclable material market research, logistical problem-solving, and technology application analysis.

The results contained in the Waste Diversion Study deliverable enabled installation personnel to target specific waste stream classes and activities and meet a 50% waste diversion goal. The survey identified at least one instance of improper regulated waste disposal that avoided possible enforcement action. High-value recycled materials are now reclaimed to provide a supplemental revenue stream that offsets the solid waste diversion program material expense. Composting of biodegradable materials from the dining and other facilities provides valuable landscape mulch and conserves increasingly limited landfill space.

Project Details