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Project Description

The project is a 12.2-mile rehabilitation of East End Road, from Lake Street in Homer (MP 0.0) to McNeil Canyon School (MP 12.2). Construction of Phase I (MP 0 to 3.75) was completed in 2005. The remaining 8.5 miles was designed to Pre-PS&E status, but with changes in state transportation project funding, DOT&PF has advanced a shorter segment (MP 3.75-5.5) to construction, which is currently underway (2015). East End Road provides sole access and design solutions must accommodate traffic during construction. WHPacific provided several pathway and under-crossing design alternates in response to public and maintenance concerns and designed numerous driveways to fronting properties. WHPacific and its subcontractors provided the services required through a long project duration, with funding variations, scope changes, environmental document re-evaluations, and an extensive ROW acquisition process. This project was a fairly long corridor, requiring innovative graphic projects to communicate project alternatives to the team, DOT&PF and the public.

Project Details