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Project Description

The Wellness facility (30,800 SF) includes the Tribal social services, a community gathering space/gym, and an emergency command center in case a tsunami evacuation is necessary. The Clinic (25,600 SF) houses the medical functions including urgent care, dentistry, pharmacy, lab, imaging, environmental health, and related support functions. The facility doubles as a local tsunami evacuation center. The services offered are divided between two buildings and are joined in the center by a common outdoor space with a covered walk connecting buildings. The services are separated between the two buildings by function to accommodate different funding sources and allow greater construction flexibility for the Makah Nation. The design reflects the unique balance of the Makah people with a history intertwined with the earth and the sea. This duality is expressed by anchoring the rear of the building into the earth, and as a pier extends into the water, the building entrances engage the side of the building closest to the sea and lead back into the building. The legends of the eagle and the whale prevalent to the region are echoed by a retaining wall that wraps around the buildings representing the tie to the land, and the use of curved roof forms to help transition the large mass of the buildings lifting from the ground and opening up to the sky. The outdoor space becomes the center of the building linking the inside and the outside. Building material choices and construction techniques reflect the Makah Nations values to be environmentally sensitive and respectful to the earth.