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Project Description

The Montclair Basin is a nine-square-mile urban development. With no open channel drainage ways, drainage was conveyed into the streets and the existing 1930s-era storm sewer system. In 2005, WHPacific completed a Storm Drainage Master Plan with improvements to drain the Montclair Basin in a way that is ecologically sensitive. The plan converted Ferril Lake into a recreational lake that also stores stormwater.

The team then prepared final design and construction documents for Phase 1 improvements. Ferril Lake, City Park, and 17th Avenue were all given a makeover to improve stormwater detention and eventual conveyance. The historic City Park Esplanade was also improved.

These improvements eliminated an estimated $25M worth of storm sewer upsizing costs!

Challenges included:

  • draining the lake
  • removing 90,000 cubic yards of muck
  • constructing new or renovated flow structures
  • defining and reconstructing the lake edge, the Historic Wall, and the Electric Fountain

AWARD: 2009 Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers (CASFM) Engineering Excellence – Grand Award