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Project Description

Signature Project

WHPacific was selected to provide bridge raising and widening design for the project working in collaboration with city staff who were performing the roadway design to solve flooding problems in this stretch of roadway. Due to the hydraulic need to raise the bridge more than originally anticipated, the project was changed to a full replacement of the bridge. Our team initially developed a steel superstructure solution to maximize the amount of flow that could be passed through the structure and to save the city additional cost by providing a way to carry two major waterlines on the bridge instead of boring them under the lake. Due to the contactors comfort level constructing steel girders with a CIP deck coupled with the short construction window, the City of Albany agree to allow WHPacific to redesign the bridge, at the contractors expense using precast prestressed girder elements.  The waterlines were able to remain supported under the bridge.  The expedited design (2 months) and coordination allowed the team to complete the project within the summer and not disrupt school routes in the fall of 2015.