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Project Description

The San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) contract requires interaction with the Land Services Division to provide survey support for various types of projects. Starting with the most basic of tasks we are often requested to reference the location of existing survey monuments prior to the beginning of undergrounding projects. We have recently completed the initial phase of two projects in the City of San Diego. The first is on 28th Street between Clay and Island and the second is in the College Boulevard area between University Ave and El Cajon Boulevard. The recovered monuments have been referenced and the initial Corner Records have been submitted to the County of San Diego, County Surveyors Office.

We regularly meet SDG&E personnel on a project site and define locations for power poles to provide new service to a residence or structure requiring connection the SDG&E electric grid. This work involves researching Recorded Maps to establish connections to the existing land network by way of Parcel Map, Subdivision Map, or Record of Survey monumentation. Starting coordinates are established by employing Global Positioning System (GPS) survey data from the California virtual reference station (VRS) broadcast system. After determining the initial position we set our base at the identified position and gather our local survey data with real time kinematic (RTK) techniques. The surveyed data consists of the local land monuments identified on the Recorded Maps for the subject site, preferably, or close by monuments to establish a Basis of Bearings for Plats and Legal Descriptions and locations of proposed poles and other planimetric data required for preparing legal documents. This type of work also requires establishment of a Basis of Elevations for profiling the ground and obstructions along the proposed centerline of poles.


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