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Project Description

WHPacific responded to a spill of approximately 2,400 gallons of diesel fuel on the Petroleum Oil Support Services (POSS) Camp power generation module in St. Paul, AK, which occurred in the diesel generator portion of the Wind-Diesel power plant that generates power for the POSS camp. WHPacific investigated the impact to the environment and recovered as much released fuel as possible, including removal of soils containing spilled fuel to clean up the site and restore as quickly as possible so that the site was ready for continued use. Project activities included rapid response site visit and visual evaluation; technical assistance in procuring and getting to the island the necessary supplies and equipment needed for free product recovery and site clean-up; interviews; directing of excavation (test pit excavations and spill site excavation); and building a lined contaminated soil stockpile, photoionization detector (PID) headspace soil screening, and post excavation confirmation soil sampling and analysis. WHPacific provided direct regulatory agency interaction for the client and reporting and recommendation for additional cleanup and remediation as needed.


Project Details