Project Description

As a sub-consultant to Holladay Engineering, WHPacific provided the lead Survey Team in completinga full Topographic and Bathymetric survey of the conditions and features associated with the existing boat launch and damaged boat dock located at the Hells Canyon Visitor’s Center located approximately a halh mile down river from the famous Hells Canyon Dam. Existing control provided by Idaho Power was located and verified and then utilized to tie the newly collected Topographic and Bathymetric data to. Trimble S6 Robotic Total Stations and R8/R10 GPS recievers were used to collecte the data on the dry side of the project. For the Bathymetric data collection, a Hydrolite-TM Echosounder was paited with a Trimble R8 GNSS Receiver and mounted on a Pontoon Raft which was then navigated within the channel of the Snake River to collect the contours of the river bottom at 2 foot intervals using the continous data collection feature of the Trimble TSC3 Data Collectors. As a final deliverable, a base map was created utilzing Civil3D 2014 that displyed the sites existing conditions, features and contours with a 1’ interval setting.