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Walakpa Gas Field Generator Renovations

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WHPacific designed the replacement of the prime power generation plant at Walakpa Gas Field south of Barrow. This is the primary source of natural gas for the village of Barrow. The on-site power plant provides power for well house heat, lights, and some telemetry to transmit information to the South Barrow Gas Field facility. This [...]

Barrow Natural Gas Fields Operations and Maintenance

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WHPacific is supporting the North Slope Borough in various aspects of natural gas exploration, operations and maintenance, and design of the North Slope Borough’s Natural Gas supply system, including sub-surface exploration and above surface design of the natural gas supply and power system. This program is a multi year effort involves drill program planning (completion, [...]

Nuiqsut Natural Gas Conversion Project

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WHPacific provided planning, engineering design, and construction management services for the conversion from diesel fuel and fossil fuel heating and power generation system clean burning natural gas system. Work included public involvement and education on the new natural gas technology, design of a whole heating and boiling system, design of a natural gas transmission system, [...]

UTC Binary Cycle Geothermal Power Plant

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WHPacific is providing civil/structural engineering services to OIT for the construction of a 150 kW Binary Cycle Geothermal Power Plant. Wells on campus supply hot water to heat the working fluid until it is vaporized, driving the turbine to generate electricity. A topographic survey and site map, along with design of reinforced concrete pads for [...]