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99W/Main St/SW Hall Blvd., Washington County, OR

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WHPacific worked with multiple agencies on this intersection and greenstreet enhancement project. All roadway improvements were designed to filter through the proposed flow-through planters which were located in the median and street side planter. Planters not only provide water treatment and filtration for run-off but it creates a buffer for pedestrians. This was a highly [...]

North Lombard Street Widening, Portland OR

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WHPacific provided landscape architectural services for this project including layout of the multi-use path, landscape storm water facility, and extensive landscaping with drip irrigation for low water use and optimum water management. A goal for the Port is to save money over the long-term for landscapes that don't use as much water. Our project team [...]

Gold Beach Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project

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WHPacific provided design and construction management services for the reconstruction of Runway 16-34; 3,200’ x 75’. The project included new MIRL runway lighting and electrical systems; adding REILs to both runway ends, lighted wind cones, airport beacon, under-drain systems, airfield directional signs and installation of edge reflectors on the parallel taxiway. The design process developed [...]

Salmonberry River Bridge Repair

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WHPacific provided design and construction engineering services for the repair to Salmonberry River Bridge which was damaged in the December 2007 floods. Two of the five timber bridge spans at the north end were washed away. The missing spans were replaced with a single concrete span. This project required coordination with Tillamook County staff, Port [...]

Northern Lights Boulevard Improvements


WHPacific, Inc. was tasked by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration to resurface Northern Lights Boulevard between Forest Park Drive and Lake Otis Parkway. The project consisted of designing improvements along the 3.1 mile route; which traverses a busy commercial area and includes variable width lanes, [...]

Shotgun Cove Road

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WHPacific completed environmental permitting, road and bridge design, public involvement, and construction management on this 3-mile multi-phase project along the coastline of Passage Canal in Whittier, AK, which provides critical road access to federal, state, municipal, and regional Alaska Native Corporation lands After developing the approved design for the entire project, our team successfully developed [...]

Homer East End Road

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The project is a 12.2-mile rehabilitation of East End Road, from Lake Street in Homer (MP 0.0) to McNeil Canyon School (MP 12.2). Construction of Phase I (MP 0 to 3.75) was completed in 2005. The remaining 8.5 miles was designed to Pre-PS&E status, but with changes in state transportation project funding, DOT&PF has advanced [...]

OR 22 Vertical Bridge Project


Signature Project WHPacific designed and managed the construction of four highway overcrossings, requiring vertical adjustments in response to freight mobility limitations, on OR22 in Marion County. These overcrossings included the heavily traveled Lancaster Drive in Salem. The project raised two bridges and lowered the highway under two to meet ODOT’s minimum vertical clearance goal of [...]

Bend Municipal Airport Taxiway A Relocation

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WHPacific provided planning, design, environmental permitting, bidding, and construction management services to relocate this airport’s existing west side parallel taxiway (5,200 feet x 35 feet) to Runway 16/34. Work included reconstruction of six connector taxiways and aircraft run-up aprons at the two threshold connector taxiways. The project upgraded the Taxiway Safety Areas and increased the [...]

Aurora State Airport Master Plan Update

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WHPacific undertook this Master Plan Update for the fastest growing GA airport currently serving the Portland (Oregon) metro area, which is mostly accessed through-the-fence. Work on the project included a detailed runway length analysis and justification element, including a recommendation to extend the runway from 5,000 to 6,000 feet – a major runway extension. Our [...]