WHPacific is the lead design firm for the Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Tribe for their Yokut Gas Station project at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino. This new development will have an 8,000 square-foot market, convenience store, and smoke shop with gaming machines and fuel. The nearest gas station is more than five miles from Tachi Palace as it stands now, and the hope is that this new project will benefit the guests, and the community. The groundbreaking ceremony was just a few weeks back with more than 300 people attending including Stan Reich from WHPacific who is the project manager for the Yokut Gas Station development.

“WHPacific is the lead design firm for the project and we are providing civil engineering, survey, and rendering to the project.” Says Geoff Stone, a civil engineer at WHPacific who has done the site civil work on this project. “We are working with Fuel Development Company and Architekton.”

WHPacific’s Stan Reich will work with a total of five subconsultants, and has had a close relationship with the client and the casino for nearly 20 years; Stan worked on the original casino. The project is expected to be completed by spring of 2017, and WHPacific is thrilled to continue supporting this important project and many more in the future.