WHPacific Saves Thanksgiving

/WHPacific Saves Thanksgiving

WHPacific Saves Thanksgiving

As many of you know, the Santa Rosa area in northern California suffered devastating fires recently.  Not to minimize this tragedy, a very interesting and mildly amusing event occurred during the rebuild effort.

WHPacific was performing survey work in the area for a large northern California power and utility company, assisting in the infrastructure rebuilding.  David and Steve, some of our talented and friendly surveyors were doing what they do.

Surprisingly, a homeowner noticed them working so diligently and approached the crew to thank them for their efforts.  A conversation developed and our crew was made aware that the property they were working at was a special ranch.  This ranch is the home of the Turkey that goes to Washington, D.C. every year for the presidential pardon.  The ‘rancher’ was anxious to get his home and barn rebuilt so this special turkey could be home again.

This gentleman and his wife were so grateful for David’s and Steve’s efficiency that they took them to dinner that evening!  So next time you see a surveyor performing their important duties, please remember that deep down, they are really just heroes doing their part to keep your holiday from being ruined.


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