WHPacific has worked with numerous communities in New Mexico to prepare Asset Management Plans (AMPs) for infrastructure such as the water and/or sanitary sewer systems. Some of the plans have included storm drain, natural gas lines, roads and property as well. Generally the plans have been prepared in accordance with New Mexico Finance Authority (NMFA) guidelines and following the procedures given in the A.M. KAN Work! Manual. Often preparation of overall mapping of the utility system is paramount to the community. We work closely with the public works staff and village or town clerk to determine the special concerns of each community. This allows for better planning for replacement of major items (water storage tanks, lift stations, wells, treatment plants), in addition to being a requirement for several State and Federal Agencies to acquire funding for major projects.

WHPacific prepares maps of the existing utilities (Asset Inventory) as needed for the Asset Management Plan. The maps are prepared using Esri ArcGIS Mapping Software and each asset is assigned a unique identifier based on location and type. A database within ArcGIS is populated with the unique identifier as well as other information as available, such as age, material, installation date, expected life cycle, estimated replacement cost, etc. This information is exported to Excel spreadsheets to allow the community to easily update and add to the data.
Other elements of the AMP include Level of Service, Prioritization and Critical Assets Analysis, Life Cycle Costing, Long Term Funding Strategy and Implementation. The features and attributes are converted into Google Earth compatible format to allow the community staff to graphically view the data, as they typically do not have ArcGIS.

The AMP includes the report, mapping, Excel files, Google Earth (.kmz) file, and a large scale map. The community is then able to record changes or additions made to the utility systems as mark-ups on the maps or in the spreadsheets with the intention of making future updates to the AMP.