Employees from our Albuquerque office took the time last month to gather donations for appliances for Erin’s Place. Erin’s place is set to be a Hospice House for Children with Cancer built in memory of Erin Trujeque who was diagnosed with cancer just before his 12th birthday. The ground breaking ceremony for the development was in November, and it marks the beginning of a 30 year dream to open the facility.

There will be three complexes on the site so there will be a need for three of every appliance the complex’s need. The Albuquerque office hopes that the $1,500 they have collected so far will help towards the costs of these items. In the spring, the facility will need labor volunteers for landscaping and WHPacific is hoping to volunteer their time.

Albuquerque is the only location of pediatric oncology care in New Mexico, and children being treated for cancer must travel several hours to receive their care. Erin’s Place will eventually be a place in Albuquerque that can provide a home away from home for children to receive pediatric hospice care when it is not available in their hometowns.

The New Mexico Children’s Cancer Fund is looking to raise more money so that Erin’s Place will continue to become a reality.