Last week the State of Oregon Aviation Board took action to accept the first annual batch of Critical Oregon Airport Relief (COAR) Grants issued by the State of Oregon. These grants were funded by a 2 cent per gallon increase in jet fuel and aviation gas tax. A total of $1.7 million was granted in three categories. In the category used to match FAA dollars there were 24 recipients and of those, nine were for airports that WHPacific wrote grants for. In the second priority category for emergency preparedness, WHPacific won one of the four grants issued.

Holly Williams, Chris Corich, Pete Murphy, and Rainse Anderson in our Portland office worked as grant writers for their clients, putting together successful applications. They are proud to have worked with their clients to identify projects that can be funded under this new program.

Chris Corich has been selected to work as a “tester” for software to be used in the next grant cycle scheduled to open in September of this year.